A sophisticated experience of the Greek lifestyle would not be complete, without the introduction to Greek cuisine, the demonstration of preparing the most famous Greek recipes and sharing the most valuable cooking secrets. People from all over the world dream of coming to Greece just to have the lifetime opportunity to taste some of the Greek superstar foods, such as the Mousaka, the Tzatziki salad, the Eggplant salad and the well known Choriatiki, filled with the Mediterranean olive oil.

As soon as the demonstration of producing the olive oil during the preindustrial period is completed, our guests are gathered into the banquet area, seated on their tables, where they are offered bread, olives and olive oil, Greek feta cheese and soft drinks or ouzo. While they are enjoying the souvlaki and the appetizers the cooking lesson begins.

Our expert chefs will demonstrate the most traditional way to cook a real Greek Mousaka, a Tzatziki salad, an Eggplant salad and a classic Choriatiki, the 4 most wanted Greek foods, famous all over the world. This is the stage where our guests will learn all the well kept secrets and recipe tricks of the Greek cooks. Following the lesson they will be ready to surprise their loved ones by creating a traditional Greek feast for them!




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